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Wuhan celebrates as Government lifts 76-day lockdown on City

The epic center of deadly COVID-19 Wuhan finally celebrated the end of its 76-day lockdown with their traditional style. All buildings of city were dipped into amazing Lighshow whereas thousands of people gathered on roads to celebrate their victory against deadly pandemic.

Now residents of Wuhan are free to move anywhere as Government has also lifted all kind of Traveling Restrictions from this city. However Officials are also warning people to take strict Precautionary Measures as country is still under threat of further infections.

The trains, flights and all highways are finally re-opened and people can leave or visit Wuhan. According to Wuhan Authorities only Healthy Citizens are allowed to use Public transport and the health status of all people is linked to Unique Scanning Code.

Chinese Authorities have claimed that around 200 Flights are scheduled to Depart Wuhan on Wednesday whereas around 10,000 passengers will travel from Wuhan between Wednesday and Thursday. However Schools and Colleges are still closed until further notice.

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