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Worldwide COVID-19 Updates between Wednesday and Thursday

According to WHO, the worldwide COVID-19 positive cases exceeds 1,586,326 with 68,366 new cases in last 24 hours. The total death toll rose to 94,786 whereas 6,331 new deaths were recorded between Wednesday and Thursday. The numbers of recovered patients were 353,075 meanwhile 48,943 people are still in critical situation as of Thursday.

Italy has recorded 610 deaths since yesterday which are considered as highest in the world in last 24 hours whereas the total deaths rose to 18,279 in Italy. Spain has reported 446 new deaths, bringing total to 15,238.

USA has reported highest 23,518 new cases of corona-positive people whereas the country has confirmed 1,524 deaths between Wednesday and Thursday. UK also witness highest increase in their death toll as the country has reported 881 new deaths in 24 hours.

Iran confirmed 117 new deaths, taking their total to 4,110 whereas Germany has confirmed 102 new deaths during 24 hours. China has reported 2 deaths since yesterday Netherlands has also confirmed 148 deaths as of Thursday.

283 new deaths were reported by Belgium in 24 hours whereas Turkey confirmed 96 new deaths on Thursday. Sweden has reported 106 new deaths whereas Portugal death toll rose to 409 with 29 new deaths since yesterday.


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