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Two COVID-19 Drugs enters into Final Phase Human Trials

Two COVID-19 drugs named Favipiravir and Remdesivir are entered into Phase III trials on Corona-positive people. No doubt this is very good news for everyone as Phase III could lead to the final approval of Drug from Health Authorities and then available for General Public.

Fujifilm Toyama Chemical are the manufacturers of Favipiravir and this drug works effectively with Influenza Virus. Researchers believe that Avigan or Favipiravir may work effective in treating COVID-19 positive patients.  Avigan’s production is currently controlled by Japanese Health Ministry and this drug has never disturbed in Global market.

Around 3,000 volunteers are invited to participate in Phase III Clinical Trials. All the participants have condition that the new Vaccine is meant to treat. Basically, Phase III involves the evaluation of drug on General Public.

The company has already increased the production of this drug and also engaged with different Domestic and Global partners to accelerate the manufacturing of this drug.  The company is committed to supply this Drug globally to fight deadly COVID-19.

Another Laboratory named as Gilead Science has recently announced that they have started Phase III trials of their OCIVD-19 drug Remdesivir to test the effectiveness and safety of medicine. This drug will be tested on patients showing severe symptoms of coronavirus.




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