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Scientists to begin Anti-Malarial Drug Testing to cure COVID-19 among Healthworkers

Scientists and Healthcare Workers are all set to begin trials of pre-existing Anti-Malarial Drugs that might help them to fight against deadly COVID-19. The experiment includes 40,000 Doctors and healthcare workers from Asia, Europe and Africa.

“To protect and safeguard Health workers battling on frontlines against OCIVD-19, we are going to start trails of two anti-malarial drugs as preventative drugs on random participants from Asia, Europe and Africa,” says Scientists working at Mahidol University of Bangkok

The trials could start by the end of this month whereas 40,000 doctors and nurses from Asia, Africa and Europe will be given Chloroquine or Hhdroxychloroquine to check out whether these drugs works effectively against COVID-19 or not.

The participants of this research will be required to report their temperatures after taking drugs through website or an app and then Scientists will make comparison between those who are symptomatic and asymptomatic along with other symptoms of COVID-19. Daily Mail

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