People started to “Suffer” under Lockdown, claims Research

A survey conducted by King’s College London claims that People are started to struggle and suffer under the Lockdown imposed by UK Government. Mostly People say that they are feeling more depressed and anxious during current situation.

The latest study enrolled 2,250 Britons from all across country and found that majority of people are facing issues in their daily work routine due to lockdown. Among the others, major part of people complained difficulty in sleeping and eating normally.

Around 38 percent people claimed that they were sleeping less or worse than Normal due to current situation whereas 35 percent said they were eating less food than before and 10 percent respondents said they were drinking Alcohol more than Normal.

The participants of this survey also said that the Lockdown is impacting on their daily life style whereas they are feeling more depressed. Importantly 22 percent people said they cannot afford to pay for their basic items due to Lockdown. Independent

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