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New York tops COVID-19 positive cases Globally

United States Health Authorities have confirmed 151,598 corona-positive cases inside New York, stands highest among all countries except the US as a whole. Officials have also reported 14,818 COVID-19 diagnosed deaths in New York as of Wednesday.

New York has already become the new epic center of deadly pandemic in United States as the state reports highest death rate among all other states of US. Health Officials are already running out of essential Medical Gears due to extreme pressure on emergency system.

According to latest statement made by Governor of New York, hundreds are still dying everyday in New York and hospitals are working on their full potential to control this pandemic. However Governor claims that the curve will not flattened until people follow Social Distancing Measures.

The deadly COVID-19 already killed around 2,000 people in the US on Wednesday, taking total to 14,757, stands 3rd highest after Italy and Spain. Currently US has reported 430,993 Corona-affected cases all across country. NBC News

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