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New York confirms 731 COVID-19 Positive Death in a Single day

New York Health Authorities have confirmed 731 new COVID-19 positive deaths during the last 24 hours. Now the total death toll rose to 5,489 with 6,920 new cases reported since yesterday. The latest figures are shared by Governor of this State.

US have already become the new epic center of deadly COVID-19 as the number of positive cases crossed 377,499, highest all across the world. During the last 24 hours, US has confirmed 10,495 new cases whereas death toll rose to 11,781.

New York is the worse hit state of United States as the state have confirmed highest number of COVID-19 positive cases as compare to other states. New York has now 138,836 corona-positive cases whereas death toll rose to 5,489 with 731 new fatalities since yesterday.

Florida with 875 confirmed deaths is the 2nd most affected state of US whereas the number of positive cases exceeds 14,504. US Surgeon General has already warned that US Citizens will face deadliest days ahead amid COVID-19.

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