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Italy records “Sudden” increase in COVID-19 Deaths & Cases during 24 hours

Italian Health Authorities have confirmed 610 corona-positive deaths during last 24 hours whereas the country has also reported 4,204 new cases, highest after decline for consecutive four days. The total death toll rose to 18,279 since the outbreak of deadly pandemic.

The sudden increase in deaths and diagnosed cases once again puts nation into disappointment and now Italian Government will hopefully extend Lockdown period to slow down the spread of this pandemic over the upcoming days.

According to Italian Protection Agency, the daily tally of cases was the highest since 5th April and it clearly shows that the illness is still holding peak inside country. Currently Italy holds highest death toll of Corona-positive patients globally. Daily Mail

After confirmation of 4,204 new cases since yesterday, the total number of diagnosed cases reached 65,077 with 18,279 deaths. However 28,470 patients are recovered so far whereas 3,605 patients are still in critical conditions all across country.

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