Global Leaders urge WHO Director to “Resign” for covering-up China amid COVID-19

Former National Security Adviser John Bolton in his recent statement urges that WHO should resign for covering-up China during corona-pandemic. However Bolton is not first person to say that as Worldwide Leaders including Ted Cruz, R-texas and R-Fla have already pushed for his resignation.

“The WHO is an accomplice to China’s massive cover-up of COVID-19, that’s why I support efforts by other American Politicians pushing for resignation of WHO Director General, says” John Bolton in his recent tweet.

WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom is facing serious critics over his Role during COVID-19 pandemic. Mostly Leaders claims that WHO Director is covering-up China over lack of transparency regarding the severity of COVID-19. Fox News

Many people also believe that WHO has played irresponsible role during current situation and lost their credibility. WHO Director has took unnecessary time to declare COVID-19 as Global Pandemic and reported COVID-19 as Domestic Virus of China until World suffered deadly outcomes of this virus.

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